Marcin Gortat Updater

Stay up to speed on Marcin Gortat’s stats, if you want to see his full stat sheet, simply click here.

Dec 14 2010 @ Denver Nuggets

Gortat played the third most minutes of the season and filled every category on the stat sheet.  The big numbers weren’t there against the Nuggest, but Gortat is averaging a career high 4.1 points and 4.8 rebounds a game.

Pts: 2    Reb: 3

Ast: 2    Blk: 2

Stl: 2    Min: 25

I’m a Gortat Guru

Here at HMHD we are fond of players who nobody really knows a lot about.  The best of that crop is Marcin Gortat, and we love Gortat.  We are going to raise awareness of Gortat’s excellence, and hopefully turn everybody into a “Gortat Guru”.

Gortat is originally from Lodz, Poland which has a population around 750,000 people.  Gortat was born on February 17th, 1984, and was the son of a boxer. Gortat has been given the nickname “The Polish Hammer,” and was the first Polish-born player to play in the NBA Finals.

Gortat doesn’t see much playing time behind Dwight Howard for the Orlando Magic, but does well when he gets his chance.  This season marks Gortat’s third year in the league.  In his first three seasons, while only averaging 12 minutes a game, Gortat have put in just under four points and collected four rebounds a game.  Not great numbers, I know, but we don’t love him for his numbers.  But as a backup to Dwight Howard, the 6-11 Polish Hammer does the trick.  Gortat is very capable of being a double-double man, and the Dallas Mavericks showed interested this past off-season by signing an offer sheet, that Orlando obviously matched.  Last season, Gortat had two games where he played 40 minutes.  In both those games he recorded a double-double, and had a combined 21 points and 33 rebounds.  They need to get him some more minutes.

We hope you fall in love with Gortat as we have, and we will bring you updates about Gortat as they come.  Gortat may be one of the reasons why this whole blog started, but that will be saved for another session of Gortat Gurus.  Our parting Gortat thought is this, he has rap videos about him.  Check this video out for yourselves.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
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4 02 2010
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