All poker players aren’t fat men

12 11 2009


It would be a hard task to try to market some of the guys at the final table of the WSOP.  The chip leader to begin the final table, Darvin Moon, was a logger from Maryland and doesn’t quite hit the heartthrob level with the ladies. The winner of this year’s main event Joe Cada, looks like he is permanently smelling dog crap or an extremely nasty whiff of gas.  Watching nine men sit around a table is only good for so long, so my suggestion to the committee for next year’s main event, rig it so Vanessa Rousso is in it.  Rousso is a top poker pro, a Go-Daddy girl, and has done some photos for Sports Illustrated’s always popular swimsuit edition.  If Vanessa Rousso was at your final table next year, your ratings would go through the roof. If not, I will still watch to see nine people try to compete it out for the biggest prize in the world. But nine dudes, doesn’t quite do it for me.

The World Series of Poker is surprisingly still very big around the country, and could be bigger with Rousso as a spokesman.  A few years ago, there was a giant boom, and people everywhere were playing poker after Chris Moneymaker made an improbable run to win the WSOP main event bracelet and claim 2.5 million dollars.  Since then the first place prized as seen amounts as high as over 12 million (won by Jamie Gold).  The WSOP lets ordinary people like Moneymaker and this year’s winner, Joe Cada (8.5 mil) a chance to not only win the biggest event in poker, but to change their lives completely. Pros, amateurs, men, and women are all on the same level, what other sport can offer you that?  A pro hasn’t won the main event since Carlos Mortensen in 2001.

Tuesday night, the final two hour episode of this year’s WSOP‘s main event was aired. And when I found the ratings I was surprised to see over nine hundred thousand houses tuned into the first hour, and over one million tuned in to the second half.  I thought poker was dying. I love playing poker, and I don’t mind watching it televised from time to time, but I know that the final table is a must see event.  Thousands of fans would scream after every hand was completed, and every hand they showed on television was actually quite intense.  Of course the dealer could just quickly put down the cards, but what fun would that be? They drag the suspense out. Even with the bad commentary throughout the program, the WSOP final table is something I recommend watching if you like poker. But let’s all cross our fingers for Rousso to make the final table next year, that would be a plus, and with her increasing success over the poker world, its not too far off.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
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