about us

Three of us are going to run this blog.  Kelden Peterson is our designer and photographer. Jesse Kunz and myself, Matthew Flygare are going to write the stories and post the awards. The three of us are from the northern Utah area.  We are currently going to school at Utah State University. We have a wide variety of sports that we love to follow, along with teams spread across the country. We love sports and decided that we want to try to spread our take on sports to as many people that will read our blog. Thanks for looking at us and if you like what you read please spread the word about us.

For any questions contact us at info@hmhdsports.com
For any suggestions, contact us at suggestions@hmhdsports.com

halfmanhalfdog team


3 responses

8 11 2009
alyssa & michelle

You were right…this is the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen!! Keep up the good work you guys. Question, how do you get on the emailing list?

Ps…what a catchy name! halfmanhalfdog. really we love it.

17 12 2009
Thomas Carlisle

I cant belive you would use Keldon to design a web page, goodness are you all nuts.

Good luck guys I just had to tease Keldon on this, Good luck on this venture Matt. Hope all is going well for you.

28 01 2010
Brady Pond

Matt Flygare is my hero…..keep on keeping on man.

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