Halfdog of the Day – Tarvaris Jackson

16 12 2010

After Brett Favre ended his historical consecutive games started streak at 297, Tarvaris Jackson ended his own at 1.  Jackson finally got a chance to start since the arrival of Favre and promptly ended his season with a turf toe injury and a trip to the season ending injured reserved list.  Sadly enough Jackson, you have to be today’s Halfdog, but just like your starting streak, it won’t last long.

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McNabb a Pro Bowler?

27 01 2010

Donavon McNabb was the first alternate at quarterback for the NFC in the Pro Bowl.  The question is, how was he the first alternate for the NFC.  I will make it know that I do not like Donavon McNabb, he has hurt the Cowboys too many times.  So, I know what you’re thinking and yes I think Tony Romo should’ve been the first alternate.

Are McNabb and Romo both on the Pro Bowl squad now, yes.  Should they be, I don’t think so.  The two best quarterbacks in the league are gonna be playing in the Super Bowl and then Brett Favre backed out because he’s old.  I think that anyone who is added as an alternate shouldn’t be considered a Pro Bowler, they can go and be a part of it, but  it shouldn’t go on their resume as a Pro Bowl appearance.

The Pro Bowl needs be more prestigious, it seems like half the league is gonna be their this weekend representing their team.  The one Pro Bowl addition that I am very pleased with is London Fletcher.  Fletcher has been a tackling machine everywhere he has played, but this year will be his first Pro Bowl appearance.  We need more players like Fletcher in the Pro Bowl and less players like Donavon McNabb that don’t merit the selection with their performance.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
hmhd team

Today’s halfdog award nominee-Sports fans everywhere

26 01 2010

Today’s halfdog award nominee is basically us.  I am sure you are asking why, and the reason is, is that we all have to sit and hear nothing else but the question, will Brett Favre come back next year?  We are quite sick of hearing the offseason debate, and I am sure you are as well.  The Vikings head coach Brad Childress has not put a deadline on Favre’s, we wish that he had.  Favre claims that he will not take months to decide like last year, but we all know it’s going to happen.  We have not done anything wrong in sports, but we have to listen to this debate, day after day, so we are all a version of a halfdog.

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Life’s a Brees

1 12 2009

Game of the Week

It was supposed to be the game of the year last night between the Saints and Patriots, but I guess nobody told Drew Brees.  Last year during the Saints bye week Sean Payton looked out his window and saw Brees out on the practice field that Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock throwing footballs.  He walked outside and asked Brees what he was doing; Brees said he was simulating a game with no one else on the field.  Monday night it looked like there was no one else on the field again, as Brees went 18 of 23 for 371 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Those are Madden numbers, not numbers you see when you play a Belichick defense.  Brees was out there just toying with the Patriots secondary all night, every time there was a ball that hit the ground you were shocked, it only happened five times though.  I know Peyton Manning leads another great comeback this weekend and that Brett Favre is a man and he’s 40, but Drew Brees and the Saints looked like the team to beat in the NFL and Brees looked like the MVP.

What has me Impressed

The Saints have me impressed; I’m not going to say anymore.  Vince Young, you have me impressed a 99-yard touchdown drive to win the game.  Young converted fourth down after fourth down on that drive and it’s already being compared to “the drive”.  Young was doing a good job being a good “game manager” the past few weeks, but he was the “game changer” on Sunday he threw for 387 yards, now that impressive.  I was impressed with what Ray Rice did against the Steelers in a must win game for the Ravens, without him they don’t win that game.  Rice made a couple of runs that were game savers and he also caught a few balls out of the backfield, that were huge.  The Vikings defense has me impressed, I know everyone wants to talk about Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson, but their defense is better than their offense right now.  The guy who you have to love for the Vikes is Jared Allen and don’t forget the Williams wall in the middle.  You can’t run on those guys up the middle and it seems like Allen is all over the quarterback everytime he drops back to pass.  Other things that have me impressed this week are the Broncos, the Chargers, the Bengals, the Packers, the 49ers and Chris Johnson

What made me Depressed

Matthew Stafford made me depressed.  He had a great game last weekend in what really was the game of the year with the Browns.  Then he shows his toughness again starting on Thanksgiving when nobody thought he’d play.  He goes out and lays an egg, throwing four interceptions, that made me depressed.  The Texans make me depressed; especially when they play the Colts.  The Texans have beaten the Colts one time, but every time they play it seems like they should win.  Sunday was no different they were up 17-0 and lost.  Another thing from that game that makes me depressed from that game is Andre Johnson is amazing, but dropping a touchdown pass, come on Andre, you’re on my fantasy team.  Other things that made me depressed this weekend were the Raiders, Jake Delhomme, the Bears, the Redskins and that by Sunday all of the Thanksgiving leftovers were gone.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
halfmanhalfdog team

Today’s halfdog award nominee-Green Bay Packers

11 11 2009

Today’s halfdog nominee is the Green Bay Packers.  On Sunday, the Packers gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their first win of the season.  Green Bay didn’t show up to either of their meetings against Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings, and the 4-4 Packers have given up a league worst 37 sacks.  If Green Bay isn’t careful, they might miss the playoffs because they aren’t going to catch the 7-1 Vikings.

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NfL weekend preview

30 10 2009


NFL game of the week– Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers: as much as I don’t want this to be the game of the week and as much as I hate watching grandpa Favre play, there is a lot of hype surrounding this game. It will be intriguing to see how the fans will treat the 40 year old quarterback, I’m sure the stands will be filled with mixed emotions. My key to the game for Green Bay is their offensive line. In their previous meeting this season the Vikings accumulated 8 sacks. If Aaron Rodgers can get some time he is lethal, don’t believe me? Look at their last game when he wasn’t sacked once. My key for Minnesota is Jared Allen who had 4.5 of those 8 sacks, a safety, and a forced fumble. If he can get the same pressure, it’s going to be another Viking victory. I think Brett Fave will find a way to win this game like always, oh wait he blew the game last week against the Steelers? I have the Packers winning then 34-24.

Game to watch– New York Giants at the Philadelphia Eagles: Any matchup in the NFC east is a big game. Both quarterbacks have had injuries this season and have inconsistent games since. Westbrook is a game time decision coming off that concussion. Whoever moves the ball more consistently will win this game. I am taking the Eagles 35-30. Let’s see a Vick touchdown like the old times.

My picks– Texans, Bears, Cowboys, Lions, Colts, Jets, Eagles, Broncos, Titans, Chargers, Cardinals, Packers, Saints

Jesse Kunz’s picks– Texans, Bears, Cowboys, Rams, Colts, Dolphins, Giants, Ravens, Titans, Chargers, Cardinal, Packers, Saints

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Guest Brad Singer’s picks– Texans, Bears, Seahawks, Lions, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Ravens, Jaguars, Chargers, Cardinals, Vikings, Saints

Guest Ryan Doyle’s picks– Texans, Bears, Cowboys, Lions, 49ers, Jets, Eagles, Ravens, Jaguars, Chargers, Cardinals, Vikings, Saints

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Written by: Matthew Flygare
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