McNabb a Pro Bowler?

27 01 2010

Donavon McNabb was the first alternate at quarterback for the NFC in the Pro Bowl.  The question is, how was he the first alternate for the NFC.  I will make it know that I do not like Donavon McNabb, he has hurt the Cowboys too many times.  So, I know what you’re thinking and yes I think Tony Romo should’ve been the first alternate.

Are McNabb and Romo both on the Pro Bowl squad now, yes.  Should they be, I don’t think so.  The two best quarterbacks in the league are gonna be playing in the Super Bowl and then Brett Favre backed out because he’s old.  I think that anyone who is added as an alternate shouldn’t be considered a Pro Bowler, they can go and be a part of it, but  it shouldn’t go on their resume as a Pro Bowl appearance.

The Pro Bowl needs be more prestigious, it seems like half the league is gonna be their this weekend representing their team.  The one Pro Bowl addition that I am very pleased with is London Fletcher.  Fletcher has been a tackling machine everywhere he has played, but this year will be his first Pro Bowl appearance.  We need more players like Fletcher in the Pro Bowl and less players like Donavon McNabb that don’t merit the selection with their performance.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
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