Jazz Overcome Huge Deficit in Big Win

26 01 2010

Last night’s game was quite the back and forth shootout.  In a game ruled by runs, the Utah Jazz eventually pulled out a huge 124-115 win against the Phoenix Suns.  The Jazz led the game with an early 10 point lead, but ended up tied to start the second quarter..  Phoenix opened it up in the second, scoring 45 points and taking an 11 point lead into half.  The Jazz rallied in the third, who were down at one point by 17.  The Jazz scored the final 12 points in the third quarter, and then outscored the Suns by 14 in the fourth to take the victory.  Needless to say, it was a big win for the Jazz.

Last night at the Energy Solutions Arena, the Phoenix Suns hit an astronomical 17 shots from behind the three point line.  The Suns hit six in the second quarter, while rookie Goran Dragic hit six throughout the game on his way to a career high 32 points.  One would think that if a team hit that many 3-pointers, that they would most likely win, well clearly that wasn’t the case last night.  The Jazz just finally played defense the way coach Jerry Sloan wanted them to.  When asked about his defense, Sloan said, “We were a little bit more alive defensively, I haven’t seen that for a while. I’ve kind of felt it coming, but I haven’t seen it like that where they stuck together and where they really worked hard to try to help each other defend.”  Well it worked, picking up eight key steals and five blocks.  The Jazz also outrebounded the Suns by 17.

My stat of the day involves Carlos Boozer and when he scores 20 points, the Jazz are now 19-3 when he does.  Boozer scored exactly 20 and put in 21 rebounds as well.  Andrei Kirilenko led the Jazz with 25 points.  Kirilenko has been playing very well as of late, scoring at least 25 in two of the last three games.  Deron Williams added his typical double-double, and Wesley Matthews put in a career high 21 including a couple of crucial game changing three pointers.

The Jazz are still just getting started on a tough stretch of their schedule.  Tomorrow night, the Jazz travel to Portland to take on the injured and banged up Trailblazers.  With the win last night, the Jazz jumped up to the familiar fourth seed in the west.  Even with tough games on the horizon, the Jazz finally have figured out their winning formula to go along with no serious injuries. Deron Williams said last night, “We’re definitely playing our best basketball right now.” So enjoy it Jazz fans!

Steve Nash had 15 points and assists in the Suns loss.  Last night Nash became the eight player in NBA history to record 8,000 assists.  We would like to congratulate Nash on that accomplishment.

Kosta Koufos scored 16 points to go along with 7 rebounds in his first game back with the Flash last night.  Koufos who needs minutes, played just under 30.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
hmhd team



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