Ochocinco, Merriman Showdown!

17 12 2009

Chad Ochocinco needs to stop running his mouth.  Now the Cincinnati Bengals star receiver proclaimed that he wants to fight an opposing player, an opposing player from the Bengals opponent this week, the San Diego Chargers.  And who would that person be? Well only the much larger linebacker Shawne Merriman.  Not a totally smart move by Ochocinco.

It all started back in 2006 when at the time, Chad Johnson mocked Merriman by doing his “lights out” dance after he scored a touchdown.  Ochocinco surprisingly doesn’t seem to remember it all that well by saying “I can’t remember. I don’t know. You know what, I think I copied his dance after I scored, and I think it pissed him off.”  You think it did Chad? All Merriman had to say was “Coming from him, disrespect.”  Merriman wasn’t even present for that game because of his suspension for using steroids.

Merriman sent Ochocinco a Twitpic of both their faces superimposed over the bodies of Will Ferrell and John C. Reily from the movie “Step Brothers” and said “see u Sunday.”  When Ochocinco was asked if Merriman would be tough to fight, Ocho said “Tough? Why? That’s not how I look at things. I’ll whoop his ass, right now, like Will Ferrell. Yeah, like in Step Brothers.'”

Ochocinco is apparently itching for a fight when he said “I don’t know. You just have somebody that, like, you have the itch, you just want to fight? That’s what it’s come to. I just want to fight,” but I think that itch needs to be scratched away.  Merriman knows what would happen and offers us his brilliance when he said “It would be a joke, man, it’s like a little kid, you hold out your hand and you hold their head and they swing, you know, and they can’t do anything. It’s one of those things.”  Merriman also added “I’ll get him at some point, it’s going to be a good game all around. I don’t want to make this Ocho’s deal at all because it’s not. He’s just running his mouth, I guess. But because of our position and this opportunity we put ourselves back into, I think it’s going to be a heck of a battle.”

So who would I take to win this fight?  If I was going on pure size of the fighters, it would be Merriman hands down.  If I was going on who would be more crafty and possible fight incredibly dirty, Ochocinco would win.  I really think that this is a no brainer though, Ochocinco stop running your mouth about this, I don’t mind the poncho or your fake bribe to the referees, but fighting Shawne Merriman? Not your brightest idea, maybe you should pick a smaller Charger player, I think you should try their kicker or punter.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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