Don’t Listen to These People Tiger Woods

16 12 2009

Tiger Woods as we all know, has participated in some sinful behavior as of late.  A lot of people have spoken out and given Tiger advice and support, and others have not.  It got me thinking about five people that Tiger shouldn’t get any advice from, and should avoid at all costs.

Ron Artest should be on this list for his track record alone, but yesterday, on his blog, Artest added a little more to that.  Artest called Tiger a “standup guy” and wrote about how he fooled around on his girlfriend and  having a baby with this mistress.  Tiger I don’t think that Artest is the right guy you should go to for advice.

This list in my mind would not be complete if Mike Tyson wasn’t on it.  I don’t think any human on the face of this green earth should take advice from Mike, let alone Tiger Woods.  I don’t know if he has offered any advice to you, but anyone who bites another man’s ear off, tattoos their face, and is a convicted rapist shouldn’t be listened to.

Tiger, don’t listen to Chris Brown.  Brown was given assault charges for beating up Rihanna.  I do not condone violence, and I don’t think you should beat your wife. It would be better Tiger if Chris Brown made contact with you, ignore the call, and do not, I repeat, do not listen to his music.

We all know that Bill Clinton did some amazing things as the president of our country, but when it came to personal life, he was an idiot.  Tiger good job not proclaiming like Clinton, “I did not have relations with that woman”.  I don’t think Clinton would call, I see him more or less creeping you through your bedroom window, so Tiger make sure your blinds are closed at night.

The last person you should not listen to is Marv Albert.  Albert, who commentates NBA games for TNT, assaulted a women and bite her, and was let go from NBC.  Tiger we all hate listening in to Marv Albert calling a game, but just say “NO!” to Marv when he calls and throws down his trademark “YES!”

I think I have given Mr. Woods a few good people to avoid.  Other people that fell short of this list included Kobe Bryant, the Duke lacrosse team, and Rick Patino.  I am pretty sure that you are already ignoring Jesper Parnevick, Tiger just make sure to avoid these others.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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