Turbin Needs to be a Household Name

14 12 2009

Most people in the country aren’t familiar with Utah State football, or Utah State in general. The Utah State Aggies, for those who don’t know, play in the WAC along with Boise State, Nevada, and Fresno State.  The Aggies have a new coach this year, Gary Anderson.  Anderson was previously at Utah as their defensive coordinator.  With Utah State turning their program around, we want to get awareness out about one particular player, Robert Turbin. Turbin didn’t get many offers from schools to play, but Utah State gathered him up, and found a gem.

It hasn’t been since Emmett White in 2001 that Utah State has produced a 1,000 yard rusher in a season.  White had consecutive years in 2000 and 2001, rushing for over 1,300 each year.  Utah State hadn’t even seen a career 1,500 yard rushers since White as well.  Turbin has finally broken those streaks this past season accumulating 1,296 yards on the ground, and pushing his career total to 1,798.

Good news for Aggie fans, Turbin is only a sophomore, and with his size, people everywhere should get familiar with him because he will be playing on Sundays.  This past season, Turbin put in seven games of over 100 yards rushing, including a 184 and a 190 yard game. Turbin also collected 418 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns to go along with his 13 rushing Tds.

Emmett White holds the all time record for most yards by an Aggie with 2,791, and next year, we should have a new leader.  Turbin earned second team All-Wac this year, and will continue to receive recognition.  We are going to make it a point of emphasis to follow Turbin’s career, because up here at Utah State, we have a very special player who most people don’t know about.

Written by: Matthew Flyare
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