Happy Gilmore Revisited

14 12 2009

If you’ve ever seen the movie Happy Gilmore one of your favorite characters has to be Chubbs Peterson.  Chubbs reigns in Happy’s power and teaches him to go to his happy place.  Chubbs himself was destined for greatness until he lost his arm.  Chubbs was at a tournament down in Florida and he hooked his ball in the rough down by the lake and that damn alligator just popped up and cut him down to his prime.  I know when I saw Chubbs with his ridiculous wooden hand I thought there was no way someone could get their hand bitten off by an alligator while they’re out golfing, well I was wrong.  Because it happened at Ocean Creek Golf Course in South Carolina.  A man was leaning over to pick up his ball and the gator pulled him in taking his arm and giving new meaning to the term water hazard.  Don’t worry though, I’m sure his prosthetic will be real sturdy, made of wood probably.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
halfmanhalfdog team



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