USU looking at changes to student seating

9 12 2009

This past week Utah State squared off against in state rival BYU the stands were packed with students, some of which camped out overnight for their seats.  The game was so full in fact that students who didn’t come early were held out of the game.  It seems that one student who was locked out of the game because he didn’t get there early enough is upset.  Sophomore Kevin Moultrie wrote a letter because he didn’t get to the game early enough to grab a seat for the game.  Moultrie said, that he and many other students weren’t allowed to support their school and he also said he was,  “one of the masses of people turned away from the game, having been in Draper that afternoon to support a dear friend who was swearing in to the Army National Guard.”  Now because of Kevin’s complaint, the University is rethinking the way student seating is done.

USU is talking about a new plan for distributing tickets that would be similar to the way things were handled for the game between USU and BYU at the Energy Solutions Arena last year.  They had students come to the ticket office a few days prior to the game and show their student identification card in exchange for a free game ticket.  Their plan is to make these tickets general admission and limit them to 4000 students and that way you’d be guaranteed a spot at the game even if you aren’t dedicated enough to come early to the games.  If this policy were put into place if you want a good seat you’d have to come just as early as before, but you would get to wait in two lines now instead of one.

The issues of people cutting in line and pushing and running for the good seats would still be there so this policy would really only help out Kevin Moultrie and people of his ilk.  If the University wants to make to rid themselves of messes at the door like the one that happened at the BYU game the only real solution is to give out hard tickets with numbered seating for the students and have students camp out for tickets a few days before the game.  If you ask me they should just leave things the way they are now.

This last part is for you Kevin Moultrie I’m glad that you supported your friend being sworn into the National Guard, good for you, but you chose that over the game so quit complaining.  If you want a seat just show up earlier.  I’m sure some of the students that got good seats chose to be standing out in the cold hours before the game, signs in hand, and they chose it over school or work and I say to these students, good choice.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



2 responses

10 12 2009
Kevin Hall

This kid must absolutely retarded and needs to be kicked right in between his legs. If USU changes the way that college kids go the the Boys basketball games with making them get tickets for every home game it will turn people away from the games. Part of the fun is sitting there in line with everyone for a couple of hours or sometimes all damn day to get into the game. So tell this Kevin Moultrie kid to a freakin tampon to stop all his bleeding and crying. Maybe he shouldn’t be a freakin moron and realize that USU is playing BYU and that the Spectrum would be full…..maybe he should show up early enough to get in and not try to get in at game time!

13 12 2009

I actually like the idea of selling tickets early. I see it as a way to allow students who have too many classes, or other prior obligations (like going to the swearing in ceremony for the National Guard) to still make it to the games. Some students can’t skip classes for whatever reason but still want to go to the game. Sure, the tickets will still probably sell out fast at the ticket office, but I think it would enable more students the opportunity to pick up the tickets. As for the whole waiting in line part…. as the article mentioned, students will still be waiting in line for a good seat, even if they already have tickets. I mean, I know that even if I have the ticket 4 days in advance, I’ll be one of the first in line (even if I have to camp out) so that I can still get my good seats in section F. I really don’t see this change of policy affecting me at all.

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