Lane Kiffin, pimp Megan Fox

9 12 2009

News leaked that the University of Tennessee was using an unorthodox method of recruiting for their football program.  The new method involves sending out girls to high school games, and meeting with possible recruits.  I guess since nobody wants to play at Tennessee anymore, they have to coax the players in with attractive women.

Since Lane Kiffin took over the program at Tennessee, the NCAA has investigated six violations at the University of Tennessee, and is probing and very interested in these Tennessee “Hostesses”.  They are in violation since the hosts are part of the university and attempting to recruit off campus.

At James F. Byrnes High School, three possible Tennessee recruits were visited by such hosts.  Marcus Lattimore who was not interested in Tennessee said that the hosts brought signs with them that read “Come to Tennessee” according to the Times.  Lattimore also went on to say that the hostesses were “real pretty, real nice and just real cool” and that he hasn’t seen any other schools do this.

A father of another recruit said that the trip was not arranged by Tennessee coaches or staff, but knowing Lane Kiffin, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.  Lets think for a second like Kiffin is behind all of this.  What does that make him? A pimp or a sugar daddy? Sending out attractive girls to make your program better, for your own profit? Sounds like a pimp to me. Since we know that they are attractive coeds, it’s a smart move to have them hang out with high school kids, and it’s no surprise that they get many verbal commitments. If I was a high school kid, and one of these hosts came to see me specifically I would be dumb enough to follow her anywhere.  But if I was Lane Kiffin, I would hire Megan Fox, who attended Tennessee.  I think any player in the country would go to Tennessee if she told them to.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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