NFL in December

8 12 2009

December is the month when teams who are going to contend for the Lombardi Trophy start to separate themselves from the rest of the league.  A few teams may have started that push this past weekend as well as a few teams like the Cowboys, showing us they are who we thought they were all along.

This week the Redskins managed to lose again, hey Shaun Suisham you lost your job and deservedly so.  If you could just make a 23 yard field goal you beat the Saints, seriously half of the people in the stands could’ve made that kick.  Hats off to the Saints though they just keep winning and the same goes for Peyton Manning and the Colts.  The Bengals are really starting to separate themselves from the pack as one of the best teams in the NFL.  One other minor note Chad Ochocinco is thinking of changing his name again to Chad Hachi Go, which is Japanese for 85.  Don’t look now, but the Eagles are tied with the Cowboys for first in the NFC East, and if you look at the schedule the two meet again on the last game of the season in a game that could be just like last years contest.  Cowboys fans can only hope that it turns out better than last year’s 44-6 beatdown.

Dallas had a big loss to the Giants, and as Chris Berman would say, “come on Dallas,”  I know it’s a divisional game, and they’re always tough.  I know it was at the Meadowlands, but the Cowboys have to win that game, and they didn’t, now the Eagles and Giants are both right behind you.  If you look at the game everyone wants to talk about Tony Romo in December. Sunday’s loss is not on Romo, he had one of his best performances as a pro.  Responsibility for that loss falls squarely on the Dallas defense and special teams.  Did anybody catch the Raiders, yeah, the Raiders beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh? Mike Tomlin said they were going to unleash hell in December, not look like hell in December.  The Steelers may have fallen out of the playoffs with that awful loss.  Maybe Brett Favre is going to go in the tank down the stretch like he did last year, I don’t think so, but the team everybody was talking about as the best team in the league had a little hiccup against the Cardinals Sunday night.  One more team that went down that really surprised me was when the Dolphins beat the Patriots, you don’t usually see the Pats lose back to back games, but they did.

It was a wild weekend and judging by what happened this past weekend I have no idea who is going to finish where.  We’ll just have to sit back and watch to see if the teams that played well this week continue upward.  December football makes the Christmas season great and all you can want for Christmas in the NFL is a winning December.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
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