Women in the NBA?

7 12 2009

Over the weekend, NBA commissioner David Stern came out with a statement saying that he believes that women will be playing in the NBA within the next decade. Whether he is right or wrong, it opens the doors to a very different debate.

On Friday, when Lebron James was asked about Stern’s comments, James replied “Ten years?” That’s, like, right around the corner. [In] 10 years, I’ll be 34. I’ll still be in the NBA. I think 10 years is pushing it, honestly.”  James’ teammate, Anthony Parker, who’s sister is among to best in the WNBA said this “First of all, I don’t see why, other than to say a woman can do it,” he went on to say “But for long term? No way. My sister is a good player and has great skill, but as far as making an NBA roster? No. She’s 6-4, which is the average height of a shooting guard.”  So with players around the league skeptical, is it possible?

On this blog, we want to promote honesty, and do I watch the WNBA, honestly I don’t.  To me it is not the same game. I am not saying that WNBA players lack in skill, a large majority of them could beat me in a game of horse or 21.  But could they play against the elite men?  Candace Parker, is one of the top players in the WNBA averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds a game.  She could probably get the points, but getting the rebounds I think would be difficult.  Diana Taurasi could be another to consider, averaging over 20 points a ball game.  But at only six feet tall, could she hold her on against the point guards in the NBA?

With the WNBA playing only 34 games, would the women players be able to handle a 82 game season?  Most NBA players who were asked about this issue, said that the hardest part would be the physical play of the NBA.  I can’t picture a women driving to rim, meeting Shaq, and being fine.  If you watch him in this video, you will agree.  Most of the men in the NBA can’t guard players like Kobe, Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Dwight Howard, so what makes Stern so certain that women can?  Last season, Dwight Howard had 202 dunks while the WNBA has had a total of five in their existence.  The NBA game is played at and above the rim, and most WNBA players cant get to that level. They would be able to shoot from outside, but would lack on opening up the floor and driving to the hoop.

Basketball is a global sport, and both genders are getting better each year.  I think it will be tough for women to find their way into the league with so many great local and international players. If they do however, most NBA players will strive to get better so they don’t get beat by a girl like on the playground in grade school.  It was a good thought though David Stern, but I wouldn’t like my players taking time off to get pregnant, and any match up against Lebron James, wouldn’t be that exciting.  If we have learned anything from Michelle Wie, it’s that we should just leave it alone.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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