Dear BCS, You Suck

7 12 2009

Last night as the bowl games were announced, it was a foregone conclusion that Texas and Alabama would square off in the title game, but why?  I’m not saying that the University of Texas doesn’t deserve a chance to play for the national championship, I think they do.  I also think that Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State deserve a shot at the title, but that will never happen.  We all know a playoff is what we need to really solve this problem, but it’s not coming anytime soon so we just go with the system we have.  I’m not going to argue against Alabama and Texas in the national championship, they are both deserving of the spot they’re in.

Boise State and TCU got a raw deal from the BCS selection committee.  I’m okay with TCU and Boise State not being in the title game, you have to be okay with it.  Boise State and TCU are playing in the Fiesta Bowl, but it might as well be the Poinsetta Bowl all over again, yep they played each other last year in the Poinsetta.  In this year’s Fiesta Bowl whoever wins will get no credit for a big win.  At the very least Boise and TCU should get a chance to go up against a team from a power conference, instead they will get a pile of money from the BCS which is nice, but they won’t gain any respect.

In all actuality the BCS has created a no win situation for both of these teams.  If TCU were to come out and win by 40 the only thing you’ll hear is, see this Boise State team wasn’t all that good, and if Boise were to win by 40 they would just say, see we told you TCU wasn’t very good.  In stark contrast if Alabama beats Texas by a lot and I have a feeling that everyone will say Alabama is just that good.

How could this have been resolved very easily, put Cincinnati in the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State.  By doing that you give Boise a chance to take down a BCS team just like they did against Oklahoma, maybe we’d see the hook-and-ladder, the halfback pass and the statue of liberty again, that’d be sweet.  It gives Cincinatti the opportunity to beat the perennial BCS busters Boise and show that they are deserving of consideration for the AP national championship.  Then you get TCU and Florida in the Sugar Bowl.  TCU wins and they get some national respect for beating Tebow and the Gators and if Florida wins, well Urban Meyer gets to profess his undying love for Tebow.

Here’s to the BCS, I know it’s the system that’s in place, but the system sucks.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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7 12 2009

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