A Record is a Record, Right?

3 12 2009

Some records are something to be remembered forever.  Players, coaches, and fans alike will all want their names to be associated with any great records.  The Celtics hold the record with 17 NBA championships, the Packers lead the NFL with 12, and the New York Yankees recently added to their total of 27.  To have your name in the record books, would be an amazing accomplishment, unless you are currently playing for the New Jersey Nets, but then again, it’s still a record, still an accomplishment.

The players of the 1988-1989 Miami Heat, can sleep a little bit easier now knowing that their 17 straight losses to start that season, is no longer the record.  Last night, the New Jersey Nets, with their 117-101 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, set the new record going 0-18 to start the season.  That is just horrible.  For one quarter last night, the Nets were competitive, then laid a turd.  In the second quarter the Mavericks connected on 17 of 19 shots, and had a first half shooting percentage of 81%.  Adding insult to injury, the Mavericks not only gave them their record setting loss, but beat them badly to do it.

So when does the losing streak end? The next five games for the Nets include Charlotte, New York, Chicago, Golden State, and Indiana, not exactly murderers row.  I think the Knicks game on Sunday at this point in their best chance, and if you have read this previous article, you know I will be cheering for the Nets.

The pressure is getting to a few of the Nets’ players, Chris Douglas-Roberts said “At this point, I feel the streak has definitely gotten the best of us. It’s really starting to get to us now”.  With Nets tickets apparently selling for under ten dollars, it probably is hard to get excited if you are Nets player let alone a fan.  So New Jersey, I hope you get that win.  Obviously you will not go winless throughout the entire season, you play the Knicks quite a few times.  Just don’t get the record for all four major sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL).  Let the Orioles keep their 21 straight losses  to themselves, and just circle that Knicks game.  The Nets do win in one category though, and as you see below, I don’t even need to say which one that is.  So being a Nets player and fan can’t honestly be that bad, and hey you set a new record, congrats!

Written by: MatthewFlygare
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