What I’m Thankful for in Sports

27 11 2009

With yesterday being Thanksgiving, we here at HMHD wanted to spend today writing about what we are truly thankful for in sports.  The one thing that I am most thankful for in the sports world is college basketball.

College basketball to me in one of the greatest seasons of sports.  In what other sport can a weaker opponent really have a good chance to pull an upset?  Sure Appalachian State beat Michigan but that was a once in a decade type game.  In College basketball it can happen any weekend, like Portland just smacking UCLA last night 74-47.  Once preseason ends, then conference games start, and every game is crucial, every game matters.  Conference tournaments then get under way and for most schools, they have to win out for a chance to make it to the NCAA Tournament.  Some teams make an improbable run and make it, most don’t.  Then the NCAA Tournament is the best month of sports in my opinion.  Making picks, picking the 12-5 seed upset, and getting shocked a few games along the ride to crowning a college basketball champion.

College basketball truly brings out school spirit and offers intense, stand two feet away from your tv suspense, and I want to thank college basketball for giving this to us year in, and year out.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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