What I’m Thankful for in Sports

27 11 2009

With yesterday being Thanksgiving, we here at HMHD wanted to spend today writing about what we are truly thankful for in sports.  Matt is thankful for college basketball and I also love March Madness.  The thing that I’m most grateful in sports is something that makes March Madness so great and that’s the underdog.

There is nothing better in sports than watching an underdog somehow pull out a victory against an opponent that is viewed as far superior.  There have been so many instances in sports where the underdog has come out on top and everyone loves it.  In sports just becuase you are bigger, faster stronger; it doesn’t mean you’re going to come out on top.

Think back to recent memory, every year there are major upsets in the NCAA tournament and that’s what makes it great.  One of my favorite upsets in recent memory belongs to a team that I hate, the New York Giants.  When David Tyree lept up and made that catch against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl I lept out off my couch and yelled along with everyone else in the room and when they came out on top in the end I was left speechless.  That’s what upsets do, they create excitement.

It’s fun when two teams that are evenly matched play one another and after a hard fought battle someone wins, but it’s an instant classic game when David fights to the finish against Goliath and wins.  If your team happens to be that Cinderella then those feelings are only multiplied, I can’t even imagine being a fan of the New York Giants when they won the Super Bowl or how about being a student or alumni during the 1985 Villanova championship run when they took down a supposedly unbeatable Georgetown team.

Sports are great and they only get better when the unthinkable happens.  So this Thanksgiving I just wanted to show my gratitude toward every David who goes toe-to-toe with a Goliath in sports.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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