How good is Boise?

23 11 2009

The first ever ESPN game at Romney Stadium didn’t go so well for the Utah State Aggies.  Utah State, now 3-8 was matched up against the undefeated and 6th ranked Boise State Broncos.  Utah State held Boise early and even had the game tied at 14-14 in the second quarter, but quickly after the game was tied, the Broncos scored, recovered a fumble, and scored their second again in just 43 seconds, and the game from that point on, was out of hand.  Boise State ended up scoring four touchdowns in the second quarter and held a 35-14 lead at halftime.  Utah State was only able to score once in the second half and the final score was 52-21.  Boise State racked up 572 yards of total offense including two 100 yard rushers.  Doug Martin rushed for 121 yards and four touchdowns while Jeremy Avery rushed for 116 and two scores.

How good is Boise though?  While I watched the game from the sidelines, I had a perfect angle to see for myself.  For the first quarter and a half, I wasn’t all too impressed.  For the second half of the game, the true Broncos came out and Boise looked fast, and unbeatable. It never helps when Boise State takes care of the ball and commits no turnovers.  The only bad I saw was that Boise was fooled on two fake punts and was called for 9 penalties, but other than that, Boise looked like the 6th best team in the country and should get the chance to play in a BCS game again.

It was a good chance for Utah State to get their school and campus on national television, unfortunately they ran into the Broncos and lost big.  Boise State is as good as their ranking, and in the long run might actually help out Utah State by getting more money from a BCS game.  Up close, and on television, the Broncos are legit and I want to watch them in a BCS game again.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
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