Today’s halfdog award nominee-Allen Iverson

19 11 2009

Allen Iverson only played three games with the Memphis Grizzlies, and was very upset with coming off of the bench.  So what did Iverson do? Left the team for “personal reasons” and now wants to part ways.  The New York Knicks are thinking about picking him up if he clears waivers.  Hey A.I. you are 34 years old, and you aren’t a premier player in the league anymore, you might even have to practice.  Iverson, you are our halfdog award nominee for today.

Voting Friday night thru Monday morning. Awards handed out on Mondays
The halfmanhalfdog team



2 responses

7 12 2009

i drew this wall)

7 12 2009

Well we obviously liked it so thank you

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