Knicks Fan for a Year

18 11 2009

Over the past several years, the New York Knicks have consistently been losing and consistently in the NBA draft lottery.  That should seem like a good thing for the Knicks to help rebuild their team, right? Well not so much, the Knicks have a tendency to trade away picks.  In the 2006 draft the Knicks traded away the number 2 overall pick, and followed that up in 2007 by swapping the 9th overall with the 23rd.  The Knicks recieved Eddy Curry and Wilson Chandler, instead of maybe Lamarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, and they passed on Andrew Bynum, not too smart.  The Knicks drafted Jordan Hill this past year, but really wanted Stephen Curry and the bad draft blues continued for the Knicks.  This year however it should be better right?

In a trade that is too complicated to even try to explain, and goes back to 2004.  The Utah Jazz have the Knicks first round pick this year.  The Jazz traded Keon Clark, and Ben Handgloten (shown at top) to the Phoenix Suns for that Knicks first round pick and Tom Tom Gugliotta. With Handgloten and Keon Clark not being huge household names across the country I think the Jazz now will look back and see that they made a good trade.

With the Knicks struggling this season, bolstering a 1-9 record, and with the Eastern Conference getting tougher each year, the Knicks will have a good chance at not only a lottery pick, but the number 1 overall.  The New Jersey Nets are 0-11 on the season, but with Devin Harris coming back, things do look promising for them.  And as a Jazz fan myself, I will be cheering against the New York Knicks, and tuning into the draft lottery for probably the first time ever.  Obviously Handgloten, was a star in this league so hopefully we can get someone just as high of caliber.  It would be disheartening if the Knicks finally got the first round pick but then had to trade it away. Well disheartening to Knicks fans, not me.  I just would like to thank Handgloten for everything he has done.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



One response

13 02 2010
Hoop Talk

Knick management is lost when it comes to finding and putting together good basketball talent to win games.

And…being a Knick fan….and still a Knick fan….sorry to say during all those years… would be nice to be at least a contender or in the thick of battling the better teams in the NBA….like the 80’s or 90’s.

Winning a championship would be nice too.

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