NFL Recap

17 11 2009

Well we are in the middle of “No Shave November”, but if you listen to Chad Ochocino, it might as well be “No respect November.”  It was a big weekend if you’re a Cincinnati Bengals fan, unless you don’t like Larry Johnson.  Two weeks in a row the Bengals are the team that impressed me the most, but why does it still feel like a fluke.  Chad Ochocinco said they weren’t going to get any respect until they are in Miami.  It’s true though, they beat the Ravens last week in convincing fashion and then again they beat the Steelers playing Steeler football.  The score was 18-12 and the game had one touchdown that was scored on a kick return.  Marvin Lewis is finally looking like defensive genius he was touted to be when he left Baltimore several years ago.  The way he is coaching up that defense he’s gotta be at the top of the list for coach of the year.

The last two weeks in big games everybody has picked against the Bengals and both weeks the Bengals have come out on top.  Will it change the way we look at the Bengals probably not, because everyone still thinks of the Bengals as a laughing stock.  I want to tell you that I believe in the Bengals, but I’m still a doubter and Ocho is probably right, if they get to Miami I’ll probably start drinking the Kool-Aid, but until then I just can’t see this run of success continuing.  There is no reason to doubt them other than the simple fact that they are the Bengals.

As far as the other games this weekend we already know Bill Belichick probably cost the Pats a win against the Colts, but don’t forget the Colts still had to come all the way back and beat a very good Pats team.  Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL, there is Peyton Manning and then everyone else is fighting for second.  He is out there calling all the plays and Belichick was so scared of Peyton that he went for it on 4th and 2 from his own 29 yard line that says it all.

If you’re a fantasy football player and you own Maurice Jones-Drew, you’re probably not satisfied with his apology for costing you six points when he took a knee at the one yard line.  If you own Josh Scobee however, you should send MJD a little thank you card if that field goal made the difference for you this past week. As far as our HMHD picks go our guest Kellen Knowles picked nine games correctly and came out on top.  So, congratulations to you Kellen enjoy yourself it’s the first time this year that I myself have not won our NFL picks.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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