Five coaching moves you wouldn’t even try playing Madden

16 11 2009

Last night Patriots coach Bill Belichick made one of the worst coaching decisions ever.  If it weren’t for his previous track record of greatness there would be a public outcry in New England for Bill to lose his job.  The idea to go for it on fourth down at your own 28 with a lead and around two minutes to go in the game is an awful move.  The only thing dumber than the call to go for it was Merrill Hoge trying to defend the call, even Tedi Bruschi doesn’t think that was a good idea.  It’s one of those plays you wouldn’t even make it a hotly contested game of Madden. So it got us thinking what other coaching decision would have the guys from Madden Nation scratching their heads, so we compiled a list at HMHD.

5. Dennis Green takes a knee

In the 1999 NFC championship game then head coach Dennis Green chose to take a knee with 30 seconds still left in the game.  Normally, that wouldn’t be all that big of a deal, but this was one of the most explosive offenses in NFL history with Chris Carter, Randall Cunningham, and Randy Moss in his prime.  How Green decided to just run out the clock baffles me still.  However, they won the coin toss, but lost in overtime 30-27.  All they needed was to get in field goal range, what were you thinking Dennis?  Every Madden player knows if you throw it up to Randy Moss he is gonna give you hell and if you have two timeouts this is a no brainer go for the win.

4. Barry Switzer

This one is very similar to the Belichick decision except for Barry Switzer’s team was tied when he chose to go for it. Even though Barry Switzer did win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys, he was an awful coach.  He had one of if not the best team in NFL history, that had it not been for Jerry Jones giant ego would have won 4 consecutive Super Bowls.  That is beside the point, but one particular call of  Switzer’s illustrates his incompetence as a football coach.  During the 1995 season the Cowboys were playing the Eagles at Veteran’s Stadium and with 2 minutes remaining on their own 29 yard line tied at 17 Switzer decides to go for it on 4th and 1. The Eagles stopped Emmit Smith and the Cowboys short and Switzer watched as the Eagles kicked the game winner from 42 yards out.  After the game Switzer said he didn’t want to kick into the wind, good idea Barry……not.  Every good Madden player knows if your going to go for it on 4th and short you either go with the fullback dive or the sneak, never trust your tailback in that situation.

3. Kevin Steele

Baylor football isn’t usually on anybody’s radar unless it’s just to see how far Oklahoma or Texas is going to beat them by to move up in the BCS standings, but coach Steele deserves a place on our list.  Steele and his boys from Baylor were playing UNLV in 1999, while both teams were lousy something significant came out of this game.  Steele made a rookie Madden player mistake, he didn’t take a knee.  Baylor was beating UNLV 24-21 with 20 seconds left and UNLV had no timeouts left, but rather than taking a knee Steele opted to try and run up the score.  Darrell Bush made it all the way to the 1 yard line and fumbled the ball, UNLV’s Kevin Thomas scooped it up and ran 99 yards down the sideline for a UNLV victory.  Everyone wants to embarrass their opponent, but any Madden veteran will tell you when you have the game in hand you just have to take a knee.

2. Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson the pitcher was awesome, Bob Gibson the Offensive Coordinator, not so much.  Gibson is the man who famously orchestrated the Miracle at the Meadowlands.  The Miracle at the Meadowlands is one of the most famous moments in Philadelphia sports history.  The problem for Gibson is that he was the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, or the team that lost that game.  You see Gibson called for quarterback Joe Pisarcik to handoff to Larry Csonka with 20 seconds left and the Giants leading 17-12.  Csonka in the huddle even said, “Don’t give me the ball.”  The exchange between Pisarcik and Csonka was botched.  Herman “you play to win the game” Edwards scooped it up and ran 26 yards for a touchdown, and the Miracle at the Meadowlands was born and Eagles fans have Bob Gibson to thank.

1. Marty Mornhinweg

Everybody knows the Lions are bad and have been for a while, but the Marty Mornhinweg decision has to be number one on the list of coaching moves you wouldn’t even try playing Madden.  In sudden-death overtime, the Lions won the flip and Marty chose to kick.  What, you’re asking, was Marty thinking?  He wanted the Lions to have the wind at their back when they have the ball.  Problem with this decision is that the Lions didn’t get the ball because the Bears went right down the field and scored.  I remember watching this game and the commentators didn’t know what to say even the officials had to ask twice to be sure that the Lions’ captain hadn’t misspoke when they deferred to the Bears.  How the Lions won a game with this guy as their coach is the thing that baffles me.  Everyone who has ever played a game of Madden knows you always take the ball.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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