College Football Preview

13 11 2009


Game of the Week

This week we are featuring the game Saturday night when 16th ranked Utah travels to Fort Worth to take on the 4th ranked Horned Frogs from TCU.  America, TCU is legit. Their defense is ranked 3rd nationally only allowing 240 yards of offense per game, while their offense is ranked 8th putting 458 yards per game.  TCU has only allowed 25 points in their last four game combined.  With a defense that is one of the best, with an offense that is almost unstoppable, and playing with their first sellout since 2006, TCU will be tough to beat come Saturday night.

Utah will look to freshman quarterback Jordan Wynn for victory.  Terrance Cain had been struggling and was taken out Halloween night against Wyoming.  Wynn finished that game with a win and lead Utah to another win last week against New Mexico throwing for nearly 300 yards and two touchdowns.  I can assure you though that TCU and New Mexico (0-9) are two different teams.  This game may come down to how well Jordan Wynn can handle and react to the tough TCU defense.

There is a small wrinkle on this game, that may or may not help wanting to watch it.  Last year, Utah released their black uniforms against TCU and won that game 13-10TCU is doing the same strategy this year, but however the uniforms they are releasing are just hideous.  Lets start with the helmet.  Two red streaks go down the helmet to signify what a horn frog does when attacked.  Why? Wouldn’t you want something that the Horn Frog does when attacking? Oh wait, they attack insects and small animals like mice? Guess you cant portray that on your helmet.  I don’t have any problem with their jerseys, but the pants offer up such a horrible design.  Gray with a frog scale pattern.  I hope the people at Nike really don’t think these are good looking. The helmet also has this scale like pattern.  Nike has gone to such lengths to make this the cutting edge uniform.  They have whittled every bit of weight off of this as possible, for example the ring on the belt is normally steel, Nike has replaced that with a titanium ring that is 66% lighter. Gloves and cleats are also included and offer up a scale like feature as well. TCU is one of ten teams to get this Nike “Pro Combat” uniform.  Virginia Tech will unveil theirs this week and Florida State will next week.

Other Game to Watch

Another big game this weekend is Iowa at Ohio St.  Ohio St. is fresh off their 24-7 win at Penn St. last week and Iowa not only lost last week to Northwestern, but lost their starting quarterback, Ricky Stanzi for the rest of the season. With Iowa barely escaping many losses and having to start a freshman quarterback in Columbus, I don’t think this game is going to be close, even though the winner take the Big Ten title.  Buckeye fans were falling off the ship and wanting Tressel out, but all he will do with this win on Saturday was lead your team to another Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl.  That’s not too bad, maybe you should keep him in as coach.

My Prediction

Ohio St. wins big against Iowa 35-14.  Too big of a game for Hawkeye freshman QB and Ohio St. rolls on to another BCS bowl game. For TCU, Utah, it is going to be a tough, tough football game.  TCU hasn’t lost since that game against Utah last year, and I don’t think they will lose to them this weekend.  TCU has much more to play for at this point, and that’s a BCS bowl bid.  Winner of this game will most likely win the Mountain West championship.  I think coach Gary Patterson and his Frogs are ready to show the nation how good they are and I think eventually Wynn will make some freshman mistakes.  I predict the score to be 21-17 and TCU wins on skill and not because of those lighter belt rings.  Shocking, I know. Here is who everyone else picked:

My top 15 picks– Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Boise St, Georgia Tech, LSU, Stanford, Ohio St, Pitt, Oregon, Miami, Houston

Jesse Kunz’s picks– Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Boise St, Georgia Tech, LSU, USC, Ohio St, Pitt, Oregon, Miami, Houston

Kelden Peterson’s picks– Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Boise St, Georgia Tech, LSU, USC, Ohio St, Pitt, Oregon, Miami, Houston

Guest Dan Condie’s picks– Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Boise St, Georgia Tech, LSU, USC, Ohio St, Notre Dame, Oregon, Miami, Houston

Guest Kellen Knowles’ Picks– Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Boise St, Georgia Tech, LSU, USC, Ohio St, Pitt, Oregon, Miami, Houston

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Written By: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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