NBA Do’s and NBA Dont’s

11 11 2009


Do watch the Boston Celtics this year. It looks like Rasheed Wallace has done two things so far, put on a little weight, and solidify Boston’s bench and made them a beast already in the Eastern Conference. Boston started the season off with a huge road win at Cleveland and Lebron James.  The big three (Garnett, Pierce, Allen) are back in full force averaging over 46 points and 16 rebounds a game.  And if you include Wallace and Rajon Rondo, that’s another 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 10 assists per game. Boston also is giving up the league best 84.4 points per game, so with a deep bench, and the best defensive, and what I think is the best starting 5 in basketball, Boston is the eastern conference favorite.

Don’t watch the New Jersey Nets.  At least point the 0-7 Nets are just plain horrible, The Nets are averaging 17.3 turnovers per game which is more than their assist average of 17.0. If my math is correct, and I don’t think it would take Urkle to figure this one out, the Nets are on pace to go 0-82. But with four games scheduled with the New York Knicks, I think they might but one on the board, but don’t expect to beat last year’s record of 34-48.

Do pay attention to the Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams.  I am from Utah and I get to watch this premier point guard play every game, and I wish the rest of the country could too.  The Jazz are not a glamorous team like Lakers, Celtics, or Cavs, but they have one of the best point guards in the game.  Williams has been over shadowed in the media world by Chris Paul ever since they were drafted as the 3rd and 4th picks in the 2005 draft. Last season Williams averaged over 19 points per game and almost 11 assists.  The NBA world knows about him, thats why they put him on the 2008 Olympic “Redeem Team”, the fans just need to know about him and put him in the All-Star game which he deserves to be in.  Oh and you think CP3 is a better point guard? Deron has led his team to the Western Conference Finals, and head-to-head the Jazz are 11-3 against the Hornets since 2005.

Don’t pay attention to Greg Oden. I hope Portland’s front office kicks themselves every night for not drafting Kevin Durant.  The best game Greg Oden has recorded was a game against Milwaukee back in January when we had 25 points and 15 rebounds, so that would be 1 good game in 3 years. Oden isn’t even averaging a double this year, and almost has more fouls and turnovers a game than rebounds.  Oden who is still only 21 years old, looks and moves like Patrick Ewing at the end of his career.  Shouldn’t a young 21 guy be flying around the court rather than moving in slow motion? I can’t stand watching him play.

Do expect Lebron James to be playing in another jersey color next year. After last weeks win over the Knicks, James said that winning is more important than anything else, especially a max contract.  The Cavs are off to a slow 4-3 start and so far, the signing of Shaq seems to not be working out so well.  In my eyes, Shaq just clogs the lane where King James does most of his work.  I mean look what Phoenix (7-1) is doing now that they have a free lane for Nash and Amare Stoudemire to play with.  The way Cleveland is built, they wont compete with Orlando and the Celtics this year and most likely for the next few years.  So maybe, we will see a rebuild down in Miami where Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and possibly Chris Bosh all play together and be the best assembled this decade.

Don’t model your look after a few NBA players.  First off, Don’t grow a beard out like Baron Davis or Deshawn Stevenson.  Also don’t get a 5 dollar bill tattooed on your neck.  I don’t think that’s a lady getter.  Next don’t look like Mike Miller or Joakim Noah with the long ponytail look.  Come on man, are you kidding me looking like that? You are not good enough to look like whatever you want. If you can help it, don’t let your face become like Chris Kamen’s or Pao Gasol’s, you will go a lot further in this life.  We thought here at hmhd that we could give a few fashion tips and our tip today is, try not to look like any of these players.


Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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