Today is a man’s day

10 11 2009

hf31024x768_2Today is a day that has been long awaited for many guys across the entire world. It’s not because the World Series of Poker’s final table is televised today,. It’s not because of the huge NBA game tonight, The Thunder at the Kings, well nobody would ever get excited for that.  It’s because the video game franchise Infinity Ward released their new installment of Call Of Duty.  Now I know what you are thinking, this is a sports blog so why am I writing about video games.  Well sports and video games go hand in hand with guys. And I feel a lot of sports are going to be neglected over the next couple of weeks while guys across the world are busy tackling the story mode and figuring out the multiplayer maps.  So we might as well talk about it since everyone else will be.

Modern Warfare 2 didn’t really need to change much from the first edition.  Modern Warfare’s multiplayer game was by far one of the best with a 60 frames per second speed.  MW2 will run at that same speed while making a few adjustments to the other aspects of the game.  You can now unlock emblems and titles for your title and can change both as much as you please.  There are a bunch of new perks, one of them being called “bling” where you can have two primary attachments like a silencer and a red dot sight, we have all wanted that combo before.  Killstreaks now give gigantic boosts and offer up a bunch more help like an even tougher helicopter to bring down and a predator missle which you control where it goes. At the end of each multiplayer match, you will receive mini awards for the things you accomplished, or didn’t accomplish.  The visual effects of the game are even more ridiculous, we have come a long way since the original Mario Bros. With Infinity Ward looking to break all sorts of money records today, sports are probably going to take a back seat. This trailer probably gives guys chills all across the world, but which game looks better?

Written by: Matthew Flygare
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10 11 2009

Greatest game ever, I will not leave my house until i complete the campaign

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