Football is King!

9 11 2009

soccer babe

Last week, Hideki Matsui was the World Series MVP and a halfman nominee.  When we did our story on Matsui we found that nobody had seen what his life looked like, but there were plenty of pictures of the other players wives and girlfriends, they’re not what I’d call ugly.  It got us thinking, what sport has the hottest wives and girlfriends, or WAG’s as they’re called?

We started looking at NBA players wives and girlfriends, because let’s be honest, Mrs. Parker is looking good andMarko Jaric has Adriana Lima.  How Jaric got Lima I have no idea, but if the guy wants to start giving classes on how to get women I’ll be first in line, no matter the cost.  While the top NBA WAG’s are amazing their talent pool doesn’t have as much depth as another sport.

After we looked into NBA WAG’s we turned our attention to the NFL WAG’s and we found out that Jeff Garcia gives men everywhere hope with his lady friend, Carmella Decesare.  The NFL does have Gisele and a few other good looking women to back a claim that they are the best looking WAG’s, but they aren’t the winner here at HMHD.

The distinction of best WAG’s at HMHD goes to soccer or football as they call it everywhere else and it’s a landslide my friends.  I thought soccer was a communist sport, but now I can see why the rest of the world seems to like the sport, the girls.  Every other sport had a top ten WAG’s and ten is nice, but how about a top 100 because that is what we found when we looked at soccer,  the top 100 footballer’s WAG’s.  After seeing these WAG’s I have been working on my soccer ball handling skills and every time I score a goal I’ve been ripping my shirt off.  Since I’ve been training hard, I never lose at FIFA 10 on my PS3, I figure Abigail Clancy will be dumping Peter Crouch for me pretty soon.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
halfmanhalfdog team



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