Pedro, need we say more?

4 11 2009


Tonight’s game 6 will showcase the winningest pitcher in postseason history, Andy Pettite and everybody is talking about the other starting pitcher. Why isn’t anybody talking about Andy Pettite? Because the other pitcher is Pedro Martinez. While Martinez is well-known for his antics off the field on it he has been one of the best pitchers of his generation. He is a three time Cy Young winner, but Pedro is best known for his epic battles with the New York Yankees. Everybody remembers the Grady Little game and his lucky charm. Let’s hope tonight he can channel Red Sox Pedro Martinez and give us a World Series performance to remember.

We all know Pedro isn’t afraid of the mystique of Yankee Stadium, remember the Bambino comment ? (check out the quotes on this page they’re awesome) He’s pitched in big games here before and won. Would I be shocked if tonight’s game turned into a slugfest with neither pitcher having a dominating performance? No, that’s actually my gut feeling, but it wouldn’t shock me to see Martinez and Pettite battling it out deep into this game either.

No matter what happens the storylines for this game are endless, but Pedro vs. the Yankees in the World Series, could it get any better? When the season started Pedro was an unsigned free agent just trying to get a deal with a major league club. Then halfway through the season the Phillies got desperate for starting pitching and picked up, what many considered to be a washed-up Pedro Martinez. Over the final months of the season Martinez showed manager Charlie Manuel enough to give him the nod over last year’s World Series M.V.P. Cole Hammels in game 2 of the World Series at Yankee stadium. Although he got the loss Martinez was masterful. Even though he gave up two home runs he only made one mistake all game that Mark Teixera made him pay for, I still don’t know how Matsui even made contact with that pitch he took deep.

Pedro has pitched in big games before he’s won a few and lost a few, and no matter the outcome when he’s on the mound you’re going to see a show. He’s not a power pitcher that can come out throw 98 mph gas by you anymore, but he’s a crafty veteran that knows how to pitch. The best part about Pedro starting tonight for the Phillies is you know that he loves the big stage and he’s never shied away from it. He’s a winner and he’ll fight tooth and nail to win, if you don’t believe me just ask Don Zimmer.

Andy Pettite is no slouch, himself he could come out and throw a gem tonight. I’d be more inclined to put my money on Pettite tonight if it weren’t for the fact that he’s pitching on short rest. In the past 10 years pitchers going on short rest are 12-36, that’s a .250 winning percentage. We might see a dominating pitching performance tonight, we could have an unsung hero hit a walk-off home run, or the winning run could come across on a wild pitch. That’s the beauty of sport anything can happen and it’s usually something unexpected, like a 38 year old has been, who everybody had left for dead, shutting down the New York Yankees in game 6 of the World Series. I’m not saying it’s a sure thing, but I do know I’ll be pulling for Pedro when he steps onto the mound at Yankee Stadium and I’ll be on the edge of my seat watching every pitch.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
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