Do we have to?

4 11 2009


While watching a very short-attended basketball game last night, I asked myself the question if the players have a hard time getting up for those types of game. Sure pro athletes get big time money to play the sport they love and they will be plastered on Sportscenter and shows like Baseball Tonight and NFL Live, but without a big crowd to feed off of, do they have a let down? This got me thinking about some teams that might not like going to work sometimes.

Oakland Athletics- In 2002 the A’s won 103 games, and had the CY Young award winner Barry Zito. Up until the past few years, Oakland was notorious for making late season charges and always wound up in the playoffs. But Oakland has dumped players since and has seen their attendance drop to the lowest in 2009.  With a large and crappy building to play in and no fans to see you play, that would be a hard time coming to work.

Memphis Grizzlies- The Grizz were second in the league last year in attendance filling only 70% of the stands on average. Memphis has had a few trips to the playoffs but has a horrible record of 0-12. With fans not showing up to your games and having a 12 game postseason losing streak, why are you even playing for the postseason? Memphis would be a hard place to go to work.

Detroit Lions- We all knew at some point that this team would be on the list. With last years winless season and a slow start to this season, I wouldn’t want to play in Detroit. Detroit had the 3rd lowest attendance last year and don’t expect it to get any better this year with the economy. Detroit hasn’t had a winning season since 2000, and I hate to tell the Lions fans, Stafford isn’t going to do it. Going to work in Detroit must suck.

L.A. Clippers- in the past 12 seasons, the Clippers have had one of those be positive. The Clippers were in the bottom ten in attendance last year, but if I was a Clipper fan or player, it would be tough to see what the other L.A. team was doing in the same building. Maybe Blake Griffin or her will help. With most people in Los Angeles pro Laker, going to work as a Clipper might seem embarrassing.

Florida Marlins- We have all seen the games played in Florida. When someone hits a homerun it appears there is one guy in the stands. Florida had the second lowest attendance this year but with a winning record. The Marlins won World Series titles in ‘97 and 2003 and yet the fans aren’t showing up because they dump all their players as soon as they can.  A new stadium is under construction but will that really help? I would hate going to work in Florida and not getting my respect.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
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