Oregon’s trick and treat

3 11 2009


Hey USC, those aren’t costumes the ducks were wearing, just their normal jerseys! Hey Matt Barkley, stop focusing on trick or treating, we know you are still young enough. Whatever the excuse USC has, Halloween, 2009 will always creep and haunt Pete Carroll and his team. The Trojan coach suffered his worst loss (47-20) in his tenure as the Southern California head coach. Surprisingly enough it was at the hands of possibly the hottest team in college football, the Oregon Ducks.  Oregon put up an enormous amount of 613 yards on offense, 391 of those yards were on the ground against, well then the 5th ranked run defense in the country. Is Oregon as good as they showed on Saturday night or is USC falling off?

USC hadn’t given up 47 points since 1997 against UCLA when they lost 47-41. With a stat like that, Oregon seems legit, but that’s not all. USC hadn’t lost a game by more than one touchdown since 2001 against Notre Dame. Again, Oregon Seems legit. USC has also won or shared seven straight Pac-10 titles, and have been to seven straight BCS bowl games. Both those at the moment seem to be coming to an end if Oregon can win out the rest of their games.

We all know about the Oregon game at Boise State, and the punch heard around the world.  What we don’t all know is how Oregon has been responding to that game the past few weeks. Oregon has won all seven games since the Boise incident including a 42-3 thumping of Cal who was ranked 6th when they met. Cal is still in the top 25 holding the 20 spot. Oregon also got a close win against then ranked 18th Utah Utes. Utah has responded themselves and have climbed up to 14th in the polls. So should Oregon be considered for the championship game? Should they be ranked above Boise St.? I think so.

For Oregon to play in hopes for a national championship, they will need a lot of help.  Texas, Iowa, Cincinnati, Alabama or Florida all need to suffer a loss. One of those SEC teams will be in the title game so Oregon fans need to pray for Texas, Cincinnati, and Iowa losses.  But Oregon is still ranked below Boise. Should that be the case? Of course Boise beat Oregon in week one, but who have they played since? Nobody! Oregon has beaten two teams in the top ten and another in the top 20. Yes Oregon winning all these games reflects onto the Boise St. win against them, but the rankings need to be on total body of work and not one week, and the first week for sure. Oregon’s final four games are against team will .500 or better records including 18th ranked Arizona. Boise St. has five remaining games and only one against a team with a winning record (Nevada). If both teams won the rest of their games, I believe Oregon will be ranked ahead of Boise, and if they were to play again I don’t think it would be close, the Ducks would win big. Boise would only be able to show one quality win while Oregon can bolster four huge wins, the USC game the biggest of all. Not having a conference championship game will also hurt the Ducks. They will have one less game on their resumes and wont have that big victory on record as well.

If Oregon wins out, the Pac-10 title is theirs for the first time since 2001.  They will be guaranteed into a BCS bowl game, but should they be in the title game? If they get some help with a few losses I feel like they can be. I hope that Boise game doesn’t keep them from reaching it, Oregon has a better schedule and a better body of work, they need the respect they deserve. I will gladly allow the ugliest jerseys in college football to play for the championship because they deserve it, well not if they wear these helmets.

Written by: Matthew Flygare
halfmanhalfdog team



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