Luck is the best, but who’s the worst?

29 10 2009


Jim Harbaugh said that he hasn’t seen a better starting quarterback than Stanford freshman Andrew Luck. The stats don’t exactly set him apart as the best quarterback in the country, but his stats show he’s definitely not the worst. This got us thinking at hmhd if Andrew Luck is the best quarterback and who’s the worst quarterback. We would have gone with worst quarterback in College Football, but we don’t want to see another Mike Gundy rant like this one, over something we write so we went with the NFL.

How do you determine who’s the most incompetent quarterback in the league? To make this a little interesting though we’ve decided to only take a look at starting quarterbacks because we don’t really want to argue over who is worse between Rams’ third stringer Keith Null or Broncos’ third stringer Tom Brandstater, so we have limited our worst quarterback in the NFL just to current starters, but trust me there are plenty of starters that have put up numbers that make them worthy, but one guy has really distinguished himself this year.

If we were to base our worst quarterback in the league on quarterback rating alone we’d end up with a former pro bowler as the worst quarterback in the NFL right now. While this former pro bowler is having an awful year and as I don’t want to call you out, “cough” Derek Anderson, he just isn’t the worst quarterback in the league.

Maybe we could base it on interceptions, and if we did you’d have to say the worst quarterback in the league should lead the league in interceptions right? Problem is if we go with the guy who leads the league in interceptions this year we’d have a guy who has lead his team to a Super Bowl, although, Jake Delhomme might not have his starting job for long if you listen to what John Fox said.

If interceptions aren’t what we need to look at maybe we should see who has thrown the least amount of touchdown passes this year.  That wouldn’t be a fair assessment though because Vince Young is the Titans starter this coming weekend and he doesnt have any touchdowns or interceptions.  Maybe we should go with the all important stat of least wins, that leaves us with Marc Bulger in St. Louis and one of those quarterbacks in Tampa Bay, while I don’t know who is starting this weekend for the Bucs, I do know he is not the worst, that distinction belongs to someone else.

So if you don’t lead the league in interceptions and you’re not last in quarterback rating you can’t be the worst starting quarterback in the league, can you? The answer is yes you can be the worst, and guess what Jamarcus Russell you are the worst.

How is Jamarcus Russell the worst quarterback in the league? There are just so many things that makes Russell the worst quarterback in the league, but let’s just let his numbers speak for themselves. Russell has completed 46.3 percent of his passes this year, thrown 2 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  Now the numbers alone for Jamarcus Russell are overwhelming, but have you ever listened to this guy talk?  No way could the guy in this video learn a playbook like this.  Nobody with a ridiculous sweatshirt like that should be a professional anything.

The question is how was Jamarcus Russell the number one overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft and how on earth is he still the starter in Oakland?  How could the owner stand by this guy? Wait…Al Davis is the owner you say, never mind then he’s perfect.


Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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