Ten ways to blow $55 million or as we like to call it, the Antoine Walker story

28 10 2009

antoine walker

1. If you’re going to get rid of $55 million the logical place to start is a Denny’s Grand Slam for $5.99. He would’ve needed to eat there every day for 25,156 years to blow $55 million so you know Walker was a solid tipper if he spent it all on breakfast.

2. If Walker didn’t like wasting money on breakfast he at least needed to brush his teeth at Walgreen’s. Crest Extra White with Scope is $5.99, but don’t forget a toothbrush at $2.79 he could’ve made this purchase at least 6.25 million times

3. Who knows how Walker’s dental hygiene is, so with $55 million to burn he probably picked up a new shirt and the folks at Eton have the world’s most expensive dress shirt at $45,000. Walker could’ve bought 1,222 of them. http://most-expensive.net/dress-shirt-me

4. Now maybe Walker just likes to rock his own jersey all the time, but if he wanted to be trendy and get an iPhone or 183,333 iPhones he could’ve.

5. If he didn’t have any friends or people to talk to then he had to have picked up a 52” Sony  flat screen for $2500 to watch SportsCenter , or he could’ve just bought two HD video boards like this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3580/3844162329_c23e21d750_b.jpg.

6. Walker wouldn’t want a house made of TV’s , that’d be cold so he probably went to the local Cadillac dealership and pick up 875 of Cadillac’s new CTS V-series, unless he was more of a fan of the Lamborghini Gallardo then he could’ve picked up 250 of these: http://www.lamborghini.com/2006/lamboSitenormal.asp?lang=eng

7. The thing is Walker was an NBA player and he was probably more of a high roller than that and nothing says high roller like a Pershing 88’ Yacht, http://aerotoystoreyachts.com/88%20Pershing.htm which would be nice, but you know what’d be nicer? Just a 147’ Sterling yacht, http://aerotoystoreyachts.com/147%20Sterling.htm and at $15.9 million he could’ve picked up three my friend.

8. But really who wants to be out on the water all the time Walker seems more like a flyer and a 2009 Gulfstream G550 at around $48 million seems up his alley. Walker could only get one but if you’re going blow your money what a way to do it look at this http://www.aerotoystore.com/giv-1153.shtml

9. Walker is no fool though why would he blow all his money on one jet ? He’d probably pick up an AW139 Executive helicopter at $16,900,000 or five of them, whatever, he’s got $55 million to burn go big get a small fleet of these: http://www.aerotoystore.com/aw139-41016.shtml

10. You know what though, Walker isn’t one to waste his money. He seems like a savvy guy who’d want to be involved in real estate and what says smart investment like an 11,000 square foot Oceanfront Mexican Villa, and at $6 million he could buy 9. But look at the pictures here: http://www.viviun.com/AD-134754/ it’s worth it for sure.

If you have any ideas that you think we might like, leave us a comment below.

Written by: Jesse Kunz
The halfmanhalfdog team



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